European ADCC Trials

Only two days away from the European trials, where it will be decided who is going to the ADCC World Championship in September. Two categories filled with very talented and hardworking athletes, all from judo black belts to World Champions and MMA fighters.

With a total amount of 14 competitors in the -60kg category, you should keep an eye on these 6 ladies.

Elvira Karppinen

This decorated athlete is a 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu brown belt, she won the ADCC European Championship in October last year and has also champion titles in both NAGA and IBJJF No Gi. Going for the finish, we will most certainly see some fierce leg and footlock attacks from Elvira.

Kethe Engen

Winning the European trials in 2015, Kethe is coming from a background with mainly No Gi. She is now training at Frontline Academy in Oslo and has an intense fighting style, solid game with strong passes and puts a lot of pressure on top. It will be interesting to see Kethe with many guardplayers in this category.

Livia Gluchowska

Livia is representing Absolute MMA and she is probably one of the lightest in this category as she usually competes in rooster weight. Very dedicated and living the jiu jitsu lifestyle in Australia, she was recently awarded her black belt. She has an impressive amount of titles, very strong game and with her long ongoing career as competitor she will probably be one of the toughest in the category.

Patricia Kazimierczak

A brown belt who represents Prana Jiu Jitsu, Patricia is an experienced competitor and very strong guard player. She does mainly competitions with gi, but her game is very well adapted to No Gi as well. The other competitors in this division will have to watch their feet from Patricia’s footlocks.

Vanessa English

A successfull competitor all they way from white to brown belt, Vanessa was awarded her black belt in 2015. She hasn’t competed much yet as a black belt, due to injury she has been away for a while. Vanessa recently competed at Abu Dhabi World Pro and got silver. Representing Gracie Barra and very experienced, we have a lot of faith that she will give the other competitors some really though fights.

Ffion Davies

This fierce purple belt lady also holds a black belt in judo. She does not only have some serious takedown skills and strong topgame, but it seems very likely that we will also see some armbar or kimura attacks from her. Representing East Coast Jiu Jitsu Academy and experienced in No Gi, MMA and a lot of titles all the way from white to purple belt, Ffion will bring the action!

As the female category only contains two weightclasses, the other weighclass is above 60kg. In this division, there are 8 competitors in total, but keep an eye on these three competitors!

Venla Luukkonen

Picture by MaggieLeft

With a lot of titles along her way as an active competitor and the most impressive as black belt World Champion in 2014, Venla represents Jyväskylän Fight Club / Hilti BJJ. She is putting her eyes on the target of securing the spot to the ADCC World Championship in her own country. Venla has really good kneeslides and nasty pressure on top.

Samantha Cook

Picture by RibeiroPhoto

Very dedicated and hard working Samantha is representing Checkmat. This brown belt winning machine recently collected 4 gold medals in IBJJF Rome Open and European No Gi. She’s not afraid to wrestle standing up in No Gi and she will most likely go on a road trip chasing foots as she’s coming to Poland.

Sophia Nordenö

Picture by GrappleTV

Sophia has spent her last year in San Diego, training full time at Barum Jiu Jitsu, which she also represents combined with Hilti BJJ this trial. She was recently awarded her black belt and has a lot of experience as a competitor. Sophia is a huge fan of No Gi and the submission only concept suits her very well. She made a very impressive performance in November winning The Women’s Kumite facing the best brown belt ladies in the USA. Guard and any attack including knee, foot and leg is what we probably can expect from her.

The ADCC European trials will take place this Saturday, May 13th, in Poznań, Poland. 



Johanna Tavares is a purple belt under Renato Tavares de Moraes. She trains under Renato and Eduardo "Teta" Rios, representing Frontline Academy in Oslo. Besides jiu jitsu, Johanna is also a club manager, fitness instructor and CrossFit level 1 trainer. She contributes to the Ladies Only BJJ blog and website also teaching women only jiu jitsu classes at Novus Academy and organizing open mat for all them jiu jitsu ladies in Norway.

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