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Ladies Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an organisation specifically created for jiu jitsu ladies all over the world. Our goals are to connect jiu jitsu women, and to enhance the female jiu jitsu scene. We do this by organising women-only events, such as open mats, seminars and training camps. We are also an online resource with blogs on everything that happens in the female jiu jitsu world!



Help, I’m new!

If you just started training jiu jitsu and have no clue “how it works”, this blog is for you! Picture: RibeiroPhoto Wait, there are different teams? Yes. Let me explain. Jiu jitsu is still a Read more…

How To Prevent Injuries

The number one trick in dealing with injuries is this: don’t get injured at all. But how to do that? Speak up for your own body (before your body speaks up for you) Here’s the Read more…

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