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Yesterday was the kick-off of the IBJJF Pan American Championship. We’ll have to wait for the weekend before the black belt women take the stage. So meanwhile, take a look at six black belt final predictions we’ve made that would be absolute firework to watch!

Gezary Matuda x Talita Alencar (light feather)

After the huge upset at Worlds 2017, where Talita beat Gezary in an all-out war, these ladies could very likely meet each other again in the final. If that’s the case, it’s been proven that anything can happen; as we saw that in the last fight, Talita scored 2 points only in the last 40 seconds.

As uncertain as it is, one thing remains clear: we will see nothing but action, straight from the start.

Alencar vs Matuda

Talita Alencar vs Gezary Matuda at the 2017 IBJJF Worlds Finals. A battle from start to finish!

Geplaatst door BRASA Limburg Brazilian Jiu Jitsu op Woensdag 14 juni 2017


Jaqueline Amorim x Bianca Basílio (feather)

Bianca Basílio always brings a ton of energy to the mat, making the featherweight division one of the most dynamic brackets to watch. Training at Atos these days, we saw her experiment succesfully with some wormguard in true Keenan Cornelius-style at Europeans, and are wondering what she’s going to bring to the mats this time.

A very possible opponent for Bianca in the final might be Jaqueline Amorim, who has a traditional but solid guard game and brings along some serious Checkmat-pressure.

Bianca Basílio setting up the wormguard sweep against Talita Alencar in the IBJJF European black belt open weight class. Picture: RibeiroPhoto.

Beatriz Mesquita x Jena Bishop (light)

Seemingly the only woman brave enough to face Bia Mesquita, Jena Bishop finds herself in the finals straight away against the 7x World Champion. But don’t be fooled by Jena – she has proved to be some serious competition, winning this year’s No Gi Worlds in a very stacked division.

For Bia, an extra motivation to win might be the fact that she lost her title last year to Tammi Musumeci, who beat her in a very strategically played berimbolo/guard fight.

Angelica Galvão x Catherine Perret (middle)

In case her comeback went unnoticed, we are here to remind you: Angelica Galvão is back! After 2 years of being injured – but meanwhile generating multiple champions at Atos HQ – Angelica stepped on the mat again, at the last month’s IBJJF San Francisco Open. Being a true champion at heart, she collected double gold and we are sure her eyes are set on the same colour of medal for this year’s Pan Ams.

On the other side of the bracket there is one of Checkmat’s new black belts Catherine Perret, who is known for her dangerous takedowns and crazy fast passing style. A possible clash between an established black belt versus one of the new generation, would be a show we don’t want to miss.

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It's been 2 years, but Angelica Galvão did it! DOUBLE GOLD 🏆🏆 • • • reposted from @angelicagalvao – San Francisco Open Champion. It’s been a while. Over 2 years since last competition. Dealing with few serious injuries, working towards the team. Yesterday I had the opportunity to be on the mats again, competing along side my killer teammates, closing the open weight with Luiza. I do not take it for granted. God has literally given me a new way to walk since my last surgery and I truly appreciate every step, small or bigger. Thanks everyone who had help me. @atosjiujitsuhq @galvaobjj @maedabrand . . . . . #stillgotit #angelicagalvao #nevergiveup #galvaobjj #atos #atoshq #doublegold #ibjjf #sanfrancisco #bjjgirls #ladiesonlybjj #girlsingis #bjjwomen #blackbeltgirls

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Nathiely de Jesus x Carina Santi (medium-heavy)

Nathiely de Jesus is well known for her dangerous guard from where she sweeps or submits straight away. She hasn’t won gold at Pan Ams at black belt yet, so this year her eyes are set on the prize.

But those who saw Carina Santi at this year’s Europeans know that Carina was an extremely tough opponent for Tayane Porfírio, making her a lot for Nathiely to handle in a possible final.

Carina Santi fighting Tayane Porfírio in this year’s European absolute division. Picture: MaggieLeft.com

Jessica Flowers x Fernanda Mazzelli (heavy)

Jessica Flowers made a name for herself when she beat the reigning champion from Alliance – Andresa Correa – at last year’s Pan Ams. She lost the absolute final to Tayane Porfírio, but since Tayane hasn’t signed up this year, a double gold might just be possible for Jessica!

A possible opponent to stand in her way could very well be 3x World Champion Fernanda Mazzelli, who we are happy to welcome back on the mats again.

Jessica Flowers goes for the arm. Action shot taken from this year’s IBJJF European Championship. Picture: RibeiroPhoto.

The IBJJF Pan American Championship takes place from March 8th – March 11th. The black belt open class – except for the final – is scheduled for Saturday, all the other female black belt fights will be on Sunday. Keep an eye out!



Rose is a black belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (Checkmat). Besides being one of the co-founders of Ladies Only BJJ, she is a junior doctor MD and holds a MsC degree in Sports Sciences.


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