Not sure what to buy your jiu jitsu girl for her birthday? Here’s a list of 9 items that will guarantee success!

1/9 Rashguard or Spats

If you thought it was all about the gi, then stop thinking right away. Rashguards and spats are just as important when it comes to jiu jitsu gear! We picked one of each, so let’s have a look.

Rashguard: our pick is the Black & Gold Fuji Sports Kimono Rashguard. Don’t like the black? Don’t worry: you can go for either Blue or White & Pink colours!

Spats: we choose Tatami Ladies 3/4 IBJJF Spats for this category. They have a slick look, stylish prints and what’s even better: they are IBJJF approved.

2/9 A New Gi (obviously…)

Finding the right gi is the same as – if not harder than – finding the right pair of jeans. Let’s break it down based on colour. Forget about pink, unless you are a 100% sure that’s what she wants. White, blue and black, for every colour we picked our favourite gi:


Go for classy with the Tatami Ladies Estilo 5.0 Premier BJJ Gi – White & White. As the name suggests, the white on white patches creates a crisp design with subtle touches.


The Fuji Sports Sekai Ladies BJJ Gi is a lightweight gi, which is ideal for competition. Nice touch: the inside of the top has a super cool printed world map!


Rainha Fightwear – The First is the first gi made by the young and ambitious start-up Rainha Fightwear. The best, absolutely best thing about Rainha Fightwear? You can mix and match the jacket with the pants! Or, to quote Rainha Fightwear: “to accommodate the glorious plethora of shapes and sizes of the BJJ woman.” How cool is that?!

3/9 Hairties

But not just your regular hairties. Invisibobble hairties are specifically designed to end wars with hairties once and for all. Your girl can say goodbye to untangling hair whilst shrieking with pain, kinks, split ends and other discomfort. Check this out for her: the Invisibobble Power edition is a special design for jiu jitsu girls – or anyone who needs their hair to be held together with a strong grip. Colours vary from crystal clear, to true black, something blue and pink!

4/9 Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the answer to all your girl’s hair problems. It’s the knight in shining armour to create refreshed and beautiful hair in a matter of seconds! Never again hair problems, never a bad day. Try out Dove Refresh & Care Dry Shampoo, and while you’re at it: read more about how to handle your hair here.

5/9 A Hoodie

Gentlemen, it’s time to claim back the hoodie. It’s not her hoodie. It’s yours. Give her her own hoodie.

For example: the Rainha Fightwear Hoodie.

6/9 FloGrappling Membership

Who said Netflix and chill? FloGrappling offers monthly and yearly subscriptions, opening up a world of live streams for events, technique videos, documentaries, interviews and more!

7/9 A Bottle

If your woman trains a lot, she needs to drink a lot. Plastic bottles are not a sustainable choice, and bad for the Earth. Mizu however, takes care of that problem: stainless steel bottles, in every colour of the rainbow, built to last. You just can’t go wrong by getting her one of these!

8/9 Handcream

Jiu jitsu leaves us with torn and battered hands, especially those who favour spiderguard. Buy her handcream (apply daily, after training) and thank us later!

9/9 Flip flops 

This item is essential to everyone in jiu jitsu: flip flops! Pick out a nice bright pair of Havaianas, so she is geared up for training and summer-ready at the same time!

Good luck, and make her smile!



Rose is a black belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (Checkmat). Besides being one of the co-founders of Ladies Only BJJ, she is a junior doctor MD and holds a MsC degree in Sports Sciences.


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