The year 2017 is coming to an end, which is why we’ve selected 9 blogs for you to (re)-discover! Have a look at the best of our best!

7 Minute Interview With Bia Mesquita


Arguably the best of interviews we’ve had this year – if not ever – our 7 minute interview with 7x World Champion Beatriz Mesquita! Voiced-over a video of Beatriz’s highlight successes, she talks about where she comes from, and her mindset to keep up with the incredible amount of wins she has had so far.

ADCC Trials Sao Paulo

A critical note to the organisation of ADCC, which has been around for many years but for some reason still does not support women’s jiu jitsu the way we would deem fair.

Let’s Talk About What We Usually Don’t Talk About

Why is it so hard to talk about certain conditions that apply to many of us women? Here’s for a very personal blog by Johanna about the ups and downs of her health, that sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t interfere with jiu jitsu.



At some point, many of us encounter an injury that prevents training for a certain amount of time. How to deal with this, and how to stay in the game? Read it here.

The Girl Who Beat Mackenzie Dern – Interview With Elvira Karppinen

Picture by Jarno Juutinen

Still fresh in our memory is Elvira Karppinen, who shocked everyone at the ADCC World Championship by beating the legendary Mackenzie Dern. What’s even more shocking: she has been training for only four years! We talk about how she won the fight, and her other battles with Bianca Basilio and Michelle Nicolini.

Should You Train When You’re Ill? 

Got the flu and not sure whether to stay in bed, or exercise? And did you know that athletes are actually more prone to infection, especially right after training? Here’s your go-to medical guide!

The Ladies Only BJJ Camp 2017 With Eirin Nygren

Picture by RibeiroPhoto

A quick look back on the second edition of our Ladies Only BJJ Camp, featuring black belt and 4x European Champion Eirin Nygren. With over 30 girls to share the mats with, we had a blast learning and sparring together!

Jiu Jitsu For Everyone – Interview With Iris Van Der Zaag

Picture by NNKBJJ

Iris is a girl like anyone of us, who trains jiu jitsu and competes regularly. The fact that she is blind doesn’t stop her.

The Girl Who Fought Gabi Garcia – Interview With Amanda Alequin

Picture by RibeiroPhoto

This interview is one of our favourites, since Amanda shows us what it’s like to be small but brave, have heart and most importantly: believe in yourself. She faced Gabi Garcia for the second time this ADCC World Championship, and tells us her experiences.




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