As summer is reaching it’s height, it’s about time we provide you with an update on the no-gi collection! From bright colours to classic black, from rashguards to spats and back: here we go!


Rainha Fightwear – The Goddess

Digging gold? “The Goddess” rashguard by Rainha Fightwear is a true gem. The sleeves are made of a soft glowing gold, with the back left dark. From top to bottom, the front and back are decorated with the sublime artwork of local tattoo artist and illustrator extraordinaire Amber Jane Tattoo. The central theme of the rashguard is the Hindu goddess Kali. She is the fearful and ferocious form of the mother goddess, who embodies shakti – divine feminine creative power.

Fuji Sports – Kimono Rashguard

This rashguard is too pretty not to take notice of. Fuji has done an amazing job creating an elegant and feminine design without becoming too girly. A heavenly blue is used as a base colour, with pretty koi carp details cascading down both arms and the bodice. If you prefer different colours, take a look at their delightful white and pink or black and gold editions.

Tatami – Purple Phoenix Rashguard

Prefer short sleeves for the really hot days? Tatami’s “Phoenix” rashguard takes care of this job. For this rashguard, Tatami did a collaboration with BJJ artist Meerkatsu. The result: a detailed pattern of twisting and turning flowers on the front and sleeves. The back features two delicately painted phoenixes, accompanied by Tatami’s logo on the bottom.

Tatami – Gentle Panda Rashguard 

The “Gentle Panda Rashguard” combines cute and playful in one. With the popular theme of comics on rashguards we see these days, Chris Burns succeeded in designing one that looks fun, without an abundance of pictures. This rashguard has “The Gentle Art” written on its back, and on the inside of both sleeves you will find numerous cute panda heads.

Virus – Stay Cool Long Sleeve Performance Rashguard (Eco37)

Want it all black? Virus Intl does a great job of boosting the (female) jiu jitsu scene, as they have a special section on their website for martial arts gear. If you follow them on Instagram, you probably couldn’t help but notice that they support jiu jitsu superstars like Gezary Matuda, Leticia Ribeiro, the Mendes Bros and Bia Mesquita, just to name a few. Their “Stay Cool Eco37 Performance” long sleeve rashguard is a must-have basic in your wardrobe, although it won’t hurt to check out the rest of their cool apparel!


Virus – Coffee Charcoal Full Pant (ESIO10)

Jumping straight to spats, here are the complimentary spats to finalize your Virus Intl outfit. These spats are classic black, with a minimalistic design only featuring the Virus Intl logo and letters on the upper leg and shin.

Manto – Sakura Spats 

Japanese vibes with the Sakura Spats by Manto. The “sakura” meaning Japanese cherry tree, is the main theme of these spats: soft pink flowers are twirling down on both sides, on a deep blue colour with the dark shape of the tree on the right leg. Cherry blossoms from the sakura tree hold many meanings, amongst which are love and female mystique.

Stryda – Sunset Flare Capri

Stryda is an Australian based company that specializes in activewear. Our pick are the “Sunset Flare Capri” spats, which follow Stryda’s main concept of black spats with a flashy striped colour pattern. But you can also find spats in all black or all print. Not living in Australia? Don’t worry! Strya ships worldwide.

Tatami – Geometric Leggings

More flashly and bright colours with Tatami’s “Geometric Leggings”. These spats are a complex network of dazzling blue, green and black shades. Want the matching sports bra? They have it (and it’s in sale)!

Interested in no-gi? Just one more week to go before EBI 12 – The Female Flyweights is on! We will be reporting all the results, so keep an eye out and make sure to follow! 



Rose is a black belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (Checkmat). Besides being one of the co-founders of Ladies Only BJJ, she is a junior doctor MD and holds a MsC degree in Sports Sciences.


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