Help, I’m new!

If you just started training jiu jitsu and have no clue “how it works”, this blog is for you! Picture: RibeiroPhoto Wait, there are different teams? Yes. Let me explain. Jiu jitsu is still a relatively new sport. Because of that, athletes who compete, don’t represent their country, they represent Read more…

New Year New Me

Picture: RibeiroPhoto 2019 might be the year to fulfill your dreams, start working out more often, eating healthier, attend your first competition or improve your stand-up game. No matter what your goals and new years resolution are, making a plan to drive-through change is a great idea! Here is a Read more…

How To Fit Jiu Jitsu In A 60-Hour Workweek

If you try to combine work, jiu jitsu and life all together at once, then you’re not the only one. Being a jiu jitsu athlete, and also a full-time medicine student, this blog is written on a more personal note. Here’s some tips and insight into how I juggle sports, study and sleep, and the ups and downs that come with that. 

I want to train

I always find it hard to not underestimate what a loaded timetable does to me, and my motivation to train. The first weeks are okay, but soon working week-in-week-out makes my motivation to train so delicate that any disturbance will knock over my carefully built timetable.  (more…)