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A story behind this blog and Instagram account…

Me and Rose met the first time, for real, at a tournament in London (British Nationals 2015).
I remember she was one of the first girls that actually came forward and talked
to me at a tournament, I started competing in the beginning of 2014 and before I met Rose I barely said hello to the girls I was competing with and against.
The conversation was something like this: “hi”, “hi”, “I recognize you from before, because your headphones has a lot of colors and patterns, I like them.”
My headphones back then were a Christmas gift and the size and colors pretty obvious to everyone around me..
The conversation started, meanwhile we both waited for the Absolute Division to start and I guessed in my mind that this was some kind of complement. About three minutes later we competed
against each other. Humble as I was I armbarred her in the semi-final as a thank you for the compliment.

Rose got her purple belt shortly after this tournament and over 2015 and 2016 we met
during tournaments. I followed her through social media, setting up the account Ladies Only BJJ as she and her friend Jesmine also arranged the very first Ladies Only BJJ Camp in Amsterdam.
During Europeans this January, I asked Rose if I could help out with reporting results for the blog.
I was thinking that “this girl is crazy thinking she can report all fights every day by herself, meanwhile competing.”
Little did she know, I think, that we would run around like squirrels on crack in Lisbon to be able to watch all the fights in every division and every belt.

To keep the social media platform for Ladies Only BJJ, my fulltime job as a manager, a family, training “fulltime” and being injured with a rehab-program on the side requires patience and time management. I really enjoy to see the platform grow and I am very happy that one person said something about my very discrete headphones on that tournament in London..



Johanna Tavares is a purple belt under Renato Tavares de Moraes. She trains under Renato and Eduardo "Teta" Rios, representing Frontline Academy in Oslo. Besides jiu jitsu, Johanna is also a club manager, fitness instructor and CrossFit level 1 trainer. She contributes to the Ladies Only BJJ blog and website also teaching women only jiu jitsu classes at Novus Academy and organizing open mat for all them jiu jitsu ladies in Norway.


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