Let’s be honest, that careless ponytail is only cute before it starts getting lose during the very first seconds of training. Wishing you’d done your hair different? So do we. Here are 3 ways to do your hair – jiu jitsu proof!

1. Top Triple Braids

The top of your head is the most annoying part for hair to get loose – which is why few of us prefer a fringe. Secure it by tight braids and enjoy not having to peek through your hair anymore!

2. Elastic Bands x Braided Headband

This one is so cute, it’s definetely worth trying out! If you have difficulty getting the elastic bands right at first, you can skip the braided headband and just fix the first row of elastics right away with the back row.

3. Double Side-Braids

A little less secure, but still good enough: one braid on each side. Use plenty of hairspray to maximize the effect!

Good luck braiding and don’t forget: practice makes perfect!



Rose is a black belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (Checkmat). Besides being one of the co-founders of Ladies Only BJJ, she is a junior doctor MD and holds a MsC degree in Sports Sciences.


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