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Feeling down after a loss? Here are four tips to turn your thoughts around!

Don’t be too hard on yourself

We all win sometimes, and lose sometimes. Trying to live up to the expectation to always win will leave most people feeling sad, because it’s unrealistic to never ever be defeated. So aim high, but know there will be lows too.

Turn your negative thoughts around

What positive things can you take away from your loss? Sure, you made mistakes – but how can you learn from these and prevent them from happening again in the future? Try to videotape your matches and look back – especially on the matches you lost. Learn, and walk away from the situation with more knowledge that will improve you and your jiu jitsu.

Eirin Nygren: “The moment after your fight, win or lose, always respect your opponent. Our sport really stands for the two most important things in life: respect and friendship.” Picture by MaggieLeft.com.

Dare to fail

If you want to get better, realise that you have to make mistakes in order to get there. Failing exposes our weaknesses.┬áIf you play it safe, you’ll never make mistakes, you’ll never change and ultimately, that won’t take you to the next level.

Look for the next challenge

Keep your head up. It’s a loss, it happens. Look forward to the next competition, and make a plan on how to prepare for that one. Getting back to training is always helpful to make you feel better and start improving right away.

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Rose is a black belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (Checkmat). Besides being one of the co-founders of Ladies Only BJJ, she is a junior doctor MD and holds a MsC degree in Sports Sciences.


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