IBJJF Europeans 2017: Day 1

Day 1 of the IBJJF European Championship is over, and we’ve seen some crazy fights! Here’s what happened in the white belt division: 


The semi finals featured Claire del Sarto against Irina Chabaza. It was an exciting match by advantages until Claire managed to mount her opponent and swiftly armbarred her, ensuring her spot in the final. She won the final over Ana Dias.

Picture by IBJJF

Light Feather

Dercia Gois, who armbarred 3 of her opponents from closed guard, faced Mila Savova in the final. The match started of dynamically with the ladies going out of bounds due to all the energy. The final was quickly decided by the referee, who DQ’d Dercia for reaping the knee, making Mila instantly the winner.

Picture by IBJJF


The semi finals featured Magda Kryszczak against Franziska Blum, and Amanda Schurtz against Patricia Sanchez. Amanda displayed an explosive game in earlier fights, dominating considerably. Her match against Patricia was as expected, explosive and dynamic. It was agressive passing by Amanda against a tight guard game by Patricia. With amazing pressure, Amanda managed to pass and mount close to the last minute of the fight. By submission, she made it to the final of the day. She met Magda there, who had won all her fights on points, showing to stay cool under pressure. Being teammates, they decided to close out, making Magda the winner.

Picture by IBJJF


The lightweight division provided us with some amazing fights. Stars of the day were Maria Bezerra and Jordan Wagner. Both of these girls showed they were true submission hunters; Jordan armbarred Marit Tyssedal under 40 seconds in the semi finals, and Maria proved to have a dangerous triangle with multiple succesful armbars from that position. The final between these ladies was a head to head race. In the final minutes, Maria got a sweep and frantically held on to her position on top. Jordan set up an armbar in the last few seconds, trying to make Maria tap. Grinding it out, Maria tried to save her arm and tapped, but only when the time was over! Both girls worked hard for it, and got their well deserved silver and gold medal.

Picture by IBJJF


Eva Netland had some tough fights and proved to have good passing as well as guard game. She met Rebeka Meszaros in the finals and won first place.

Medium Heavy

In the medium heavy division, Barbara Bergbauer beat Maria Rybak and got first place.

Picture by IBJJF


The heavyweight final was between Peggy Liedtke and Vanessa Löb, in which Peggy got first place.

Super Heavy

The final was between Emily Valks and Anda Lucina. Emily took down her opponent, after which it was a battle in closed guard. In the end, Emily managed to pass. Holding on to the side control with all her might, she made it a solid win and got gold.

Picture by IBJJF

Stay tuned, Thursday we’ll be back with a coverage on the blue and purple belt ladies!



Rose is a black belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (Checkmat). Besides being one of the co-founders of Ladies Only BJJ, she is a junior doctor MD and holds a MsC degree in Sports Sciences.

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