Today featured black belt women in the absolute division! Let’s see who earned her spot in the final!

Quarter finals 

The quarter finals were very fast and almost all matches were finished by nice submissions.

Claudia Doval went up against Megan Nevill in the first quarter final round. Claudia pulled Megan into closed guard and quickly worked her way towards an armlock from there. Megan tapped, making Claudia a fast winner this round.

Bia Mesquita looked very composed, facing Karolina Zawodnik and pulled almost immediately closed guard. Known to be dangerous from there, Bia once again proved her worth and submitted Karolina in the first minute.

Picture by Guardeiras

Tayane Porfírio was matched up against Priscilla Cerqueira. Priscilla didn’t wait for Tayane to take the initiative and pulled guard fast. Tayane however, forced a pass on Priscilla, and went to north-south from there. A lot of pressure was on Priscilla, as she kept fighting against knee on belly and fast transitions by Tayane. With merciless technique, Tayane finished Priscilla with a choke.

Mackenzie Dern went up against Venla Luukkonen. Mackenzie pulled guard and Venla immediately tried to pass with double unders. Despite the weight difference, Mackenzie held her guard and did not let Venla pass. With very impressive technique, Mackenzie worked her way to getting Venla’s back. Venla managed to escape but not long before Mackenzie unleashed a storm of fierce passing and backtake attempts on her. Dominantly winning on points, Mackenzie earned her spot in the semi finals.

Semi finals

The semi finals featured Bia against Claudia and Mackenzie against Tayane.

Bia got her closed guard again on Claudia and a heated battle for grips started from thereon. It took her a few minutes, but then Bia swept Claudia with a solid closed guard sweep and immediately transitioned into a backtake. Hunting for the submission, she tried to finish Claudia with a choke, but Claudia kept defending and managed to get Bia into her closed guard again in the last 2 minutes. Not a problem for Bia, who kept attacking from bottom position. Time ran out however, and Bia made it to the final!

Picture by FloGrappling

Mackenzie and Tayane had met in competition before, so this match started off with a lot of anticipation. Both girls were doing their last jumps and looked focused before the referee called them out to the mat. The match started of with a bang when Tayane made a takedown on Mackenzie! Mackenzie quickly set up her guard, preventing Tayane from passing her. Tayane kept trying to stack-pass Mackenzie, who showed some nice guard retention by continuing to invert and get her grips all the time. Mackenzie set up a triangle but went out of bounds, so the match was reset, giving Mackenzie 2 points. With equal score now, Mackenzie pulled guard again and went for her signature toehold. Tayane defended but Mackenzie didn’t stop attacking and almost got her back! The crowd went crazy screaming as Mackenzie frantically jumped to get it. Tayane shook her off and Mackenzie quickly replied with another guardpull. Tayane threw in some explosiveness and fast passing attempts, but Mackenzie escaped and recovered every time. Again, people went crazy when Mackenzie set up an omoplata attempt, while Tayane went for a toehold simultaneously! Battling on, Tayane finally broke through Mackenzie’s guard and was ahead on score. Time ran out for Mackenzie and Tayane won on points.

Tayane will face Bia tomorrow in the final of the absolute division. Also, brown belt women (divisions and absolute) and the women’s black belt divisions are on. We will be covering for you, so make sure to check on updates! 



Rose is a black belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (Checkmat). Besides being one of the co-founders of Ladies Only BJJ, she is a junior doctor MD and holds a MsC degree in Sports Sciences.


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