With the IBJJF European Championship coming up, it is time to look at the women’s black belt divisions. From roosterweight to super heavyweight, who are the headliners of this year?


The roosterweight division takes us to an immediate final between Outi Jarvilehto and Serena Gabrielli. Both women took the podium at IBJJF Europeans ànd Worlds last year, which will make this match an exciting one to watch!

Light Feather

Watch out for the light featherweight women, because this division is STACKED. Multiple times World Champion Gezary Matuda, also known as the submission queen, last year’s European Champion Kristina Barlaan along with rising star and last year’s brown belt World ànd European Champion Talita Alencar will be there. Along with these talents, European and World championship medalists Sofia Amarante and Chelsea Leah Donner, as well as very promising debutantes in the black belt division Vanessa English and Thamires Aquino will be battling to decide who makes it to the podium. Don’t miss out on this division, because these fights are bound to stunning!


In the featherweight division, we have all-time favourite Mackenzie Dern as a headliner, who is notorious for her super quick toehold submissions. Further more in the featherweight division is 2015’s brown belt World Champion Maxine Thylin and the very tough Yasmine Wilson, who proved at the last edition of Polaris that she is virtually untappable.


Hold tight for this year’s lightweight division, since it will be represented by no one less than multiple times World Champion Beatriz Mesquita, along with World Champion Luiza Monteiro. But wait, there’s more: berimbolo-queen Tammi Musumeci, battle-tested Fabiana Borges and the two times brown belt European Champion Eirin Nygren are making this division very tough.


Previous brown belt World Champion Ana Carolina Vieira is a promising danger in the middleweight division, along with last year’s European silver medalist Amanda Loewen, European bronze medalist Priscilla Cerqueira and Worlds bronze medalist Megan Nevill.

Medium-Heavy, Heavy and Super-Heavy

In the upper three divisions, check out these names: Nathiely Jesus, who has taken the black belt division by storm since her still recent promotion last year. With her fierce guard and incredibly long list of achievements at brown belt, she is no doubt a promising champion for this tournament.

We missed her last year at Europeans, but now she’s here: Dominika Obelenyte will be fighting in the heavyweight division. Being only 21 years of age, she has already earned her place as one of the top female black belts in the world by winning double gold at Worlds for the past two years.

And Tayana Porfirio will be competing as a black belt for the first time this Europeans. She has racked up double gold medals at Europeans last year in the brown belt division, as well as becoming double gold world champion at the 2016’s WPJJC. This makes her no doubt the toughest in the super-heavyweight division.

Make sure to keep an eye on these women! The IBJJF European Championship will take place in Lisbon, from January 17th-22nd.



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