Still looking for your favourite brand? Struggling among different brands on the market?

The amount of kimonos with female cut is growing, and unfortunately an online size chart can be confusing at times. Our bodies come in many different shapes and not all brands are adapted to this. One brand that gives you different options within the same size is Megami Jiu-Jitsu. If you have some extra junk in the trunk, you can choose size and add curvy and that gives you some extra room in the pants for your beautiful behind!

Megami Jiu-Jitsu is an Australian brand, founded by black belt couple Esther Tavares Tutida and her husband Minol. Minol has roots in Japan, the Japanese word ‘Megami’ translates to ‘Goddess’,  which is fitting for all jiu-jitsu girls “…because girls who train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are pretty darn awesome.”

Estrela White

I’ve tried Estrela Navy and regular Estrela White, the kimonos are very well made, it’s a great cut and very comfortable. I have long legs and junk in the trunk so I’ve struggled finding pants but these kimonos in the model “curvy” fit perfectly. Also, I love that the pants have a proper rope so when I tie the pants they do stay in place. I’ve had the kimonos for three months now and they went through a couple of washes, shrunk a bit but not much.

A good kimono is an investment and these might be a bit more expensive than some other brands on the market. Before buying, take into consideration you want the kimono to last both in shape, size and quality, so over time it’s money spent well!

Check out Megami Jiu-Jitsu website here!



Johanna Tavares is a purple belt under Renato Tavares de Moraes. She trains under Renato and Eduardo "Teta" Rios, representing Frontline Academy in Oslo. Besides jiu jitsu, Johanna is also a club manager, fitness instructor and CrossFit level 1 trainer. She contributes to the Ladies Only BJJ blog and website also teaching women only jiu jitsu classes at Novus Academy and organizing open mat for all them jiu jitsu ladies in Norway.


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