If you just started training jiu jitsu and have no clue “how it works”, this blog is for you!

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Wait, there are different teams?

Yes. Let me explain. Jiu jitsu is still a relatively new sport. Because of that, athletes who compete, don’t represent their country, they represent a team. A team can be as small as a bunch of 20 people training twice a week in a single city, or it can consist of multiple teams in different countries all over the world!

“Big” team names are for example: Atos, Alliance, Checkmat, Gracie Barra, Nova União GF Team.

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How does it work with the belts?

To mark your progress, the color of your belt changes from time to time. Everybody starts as a white belt, and changes to black belt at the very end. In between there is blue, purple and brown (in that order).

There are also stripes: a small white line (spoiler: it’s actually made of tape) on the black part of your belt that indicates how far your progress is within that belt. You can get up to 4 stripes before proceeding onto the next belt.

Every gym works different, but a universal rule that holds true to most gyms, is that you don’t ask for your belt – it’s decided for you when you level up. This decision is usually made by your coach.

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Hów you get your belt, strongly depends on where you train. In some gyms, you get your belt handed to you on a special gathering (the belt promotion ceremony). Some gyms will have this kind of promotion twice a year.

But your belt can also be given to you during a regular day in class, if your coach likes to surprise you.

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Other gyms hold onto certain traditions, such as doing a technical exam to assess your level of knowledge. And other gyms conduct a”survival test” where you sit in the middle of the mat for a period of time and have to spar non-stop with teammates (who will take turns sparring with you, so théy get to rest, you don’t).

Or you will have to pass through a “corridor”, meaning all your teammates line up in 2 lines and the person going through the lines (you) gets a belt whipping as a means of saying “congrats” (thanks, I guess).

Where do I find a gi?

Good question! The internet is full of gi’s, and there’s a variety of women’s gi’s around as well! To find out your size, most brands offer a size chart where you can see which weight and height matches which size.

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Coming up next week in part 2 of “Help, I’m new!”: competing for the first time, weight classes & more!

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Rose is a black belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (Checkmat). Besides being one of the co-founders of Ladies Only BJJ, she is a junior doctor MD and holds a MsC degree in Sports Sciences.