Queen Of The Gis

Meet Rainha Fightwear. Where a gi has its own story, products are made with love, and where design has been taken one step further…

But first, who are behind this?

The crafty team of Rainha Fightwear consists of Josie, Jon, and their little ones Marlee and Effie. Josie is a white belt and has a bachelor in Fashion Graphics. Jon is a beard-cultivating, beef eating (his words) blue belt, and a designer as well.

Together with Marlee and Effie, they put in the work, creating gis, rashguards, spats and apparel that is cut specifically to fit women, and designed in a range of styles to suit all ages, sizes and tastes.

Mix-and-match: yes you can! 

The first gi Rainha designed, is named accordingly “The First”. It is an all black gi with gentle warm touches of gold. An amazing, thoughtful thing: Rainha is one of to provide a mix-and-match option for your gi. Why?

To try and accommodate the glorious plethora of shapes and sizes of the BJJ woman!

You understand Rainha, you understand!

“The First” gi, by Rainha Fightwear

Gold is the new pink

Jiu Jitsu times recently interviewed Rainha. “What we’re getting, isn’t what we want“, they concluded from a survey asking women about BJJ apparel. “The struggle to find something that fits us and doesn’t drown us in pink fabric and floral embroidery is real.”

Say goodbye to flowers then, and welcome the “Goddess Rashguard”. This one’s been created by tattoo artist Amber Jane. Completely immersed in Indian vibes, this rashguard features the Hindu goddess Kali, who stands for divine feminine and creative power.

“The Goddess” rashguard inspired by Amber Jane Tattoo

Fury: a strong woman

Funny story: not thinking they could win an online design competition, Rainha Fightwear turned out to win the thing! The reward was a custom illustration by Bos Creations, with Rainha’s input, resulting in the design for the “Fury Rashguard”.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman tapped” – text on “The Fury” rashguard.

A new project: coming soon…

And this is just the beginning. Rainha says: “We have plenty of other designs in the pipeline that will reflect a wider range of styles and colours. We can’t wait to launch them!

Sneak preview? Here you go:

Love for jiu jitsu

Knowing how much jiu jitsu can help in life (Josie suffers from fibromyalgia, but jiu jitsu helps her get through the pain), Rainha Fightwear aims to share and spread this as much as they can. With their brand, they are not just making apparel. They want to get involved in supporting the increase in participation of ladies in BJJ, other martial arts, and health and fitness in general.

In their words:

“More and more people, no matter their personal challenges, are competing around the country. They’re not held back, their heart and passion are encouraged and positively embraced. The BJJ community is exactly that, a community, a lifestyle, supporting people no matter what challenges they face and we think this is amazing, breeding positivity, hard work and dedication.”

More about Rainha Fightwear? You can visit their website (www.rainhafightwear.com), and check out their Facebook and Instagram. Go ahead and like if you want to share the love! 




Rose is a black belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (Checkmat). Besides being one of the co-founders of Ladies Only BJJ, she is a junior doctor MD and holds a MsC degree in Sports Sciences.

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