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It’s been a long time since we’ve all hit the mat and that comes with an inevitable cutback on physical activity. If you’re at home most of the time and find it hard to muster the will to get up and sweat – this blog is for you.

I don’t feel like getting up at all, let alone work out by myself…

Does this sound like you? That’s not strange at all! Normal daily life means you’re active most of the time anyway. You wake up, go to work, run to the grocery store, head to the gym for training. This doesn’t require discipline from your side: you do it without thinking, because you have to.

Now once all of this disappears and the framework of daily life is up to “me, myself and I”, you’ll quickly realise that you don’t actually feel like doing many of your daily tasks at all.

Again, this is very normal. However, this can make you feel so passive that even the simplest activities may seem like an immense challenge. How to deal with that?

You’re in charge.

Okay, so we now know that your regular routine has gone out the window, making you feel a little (too) laid-back. But waiting for “the right mood” to strike, or motivation to miraculously appear from thin air, is not the way to go, because it probably never will happen.

Since COVID19 made you the host of your own house-party, this means that you have to make the mood. Even if you don’t feel like it.

That might sound harsh. And it is, a little. But adding a little goal-setting and some fun in the mix will make this go a long way. Let’s look some things that might help.

Picture: RibeiroPhoto

Set a new goal.

Nothing is easy – or fun – to continue if it seems pointless. With jiu jitsu, you probably had a goal you were working on. You might have been training for a tournament, or wanting to get better at passing your training partner’s guard.

With jiu jitsu on hold, this means all you need to do, is find a new goal. Solo-drill takedowns you wanted to work on? Being able to do 20 push-ups (yes, on your toes) in a row? Learn how to do the “put-a-ring-on-it” Beyonce dance? Or being able to walk on your hands? (Please don’t crash into the TV).

This dance tutorial actually exists – go check it out!

Write down your goal. Then plot how you’re going to get there. Pencil in at least two times per week that you’ll be working on this. Keep track of your progress, and smile when you see the results take shape.

Make a new routine.

New things take time before they become a habit. To engrave your new routine into your system, take some time to find out what works for you. For example, if you know you tend to procrastinate, do your things first thing in the morning. Put away your phone if that distracts you. Ask a friend to join you on ZOOM so you can share the fun!

Have fun and stay safe!



Rose is a black belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Amsterdam (Checkmat). Besides being one of the co-founders of Ladies Only BJJ, she is a junior doctor MD and holds a MsC degree in Sports Sciences.