Upcoming Tournaments

As the jiu jitsu community has grown, the amount of tournaments has increased significantly. Competitions are to be fought almost every weekend. The smaller local tournaments can help you with gaining more experience. You don’t have to think about travelling… Continue Reading

The Secret To Success: How To Combine Jiu Jitsu With A Busy Job (Interview)

Impossible? Think again. Shanti Abela and Ida Hansson are both black belts from Checkmat/Arte Suave Denmark. They are world class competitors, having both medalled at the most important BJJ tournaments in the world. While doing all of this, they have a demanding… Continue Reading

How To Be On Fire With A Cool Head 

We all feel pressure during competition. Experiencing pressure is normal, and shows that you are anticipating on what is coming. Although this is part of competing, rushing into a match because you are too excited, can have you end up making mistakes and lose.… Continue Reading