Are you looking for a mouthguard, don’t know which one to pick? We have made a selection of four different mouthguards for you to choose from! 

SafeJawz Extro Series Self-Fit Mouthguard

Price: €19.95

With bright colours and cool patterns, SafeJawz wins the price for originality. Golden teeth, pink fangs or even a funny moustache, you can pick! When it comes to the size, SafeJawz is a small mouthguard, so it’s easy to fit in any type of mouth. The thickness of the material is – compared to the other mouthguards – the most thin, making it a featherweight item that allows you to breathe and speak quite conveniently. Shaping after moulding is done best by biting down hard to create maximum tightness.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

Price: €24.95

Strong and sturdy, the Shockdoctor Gel Max mouthguard is a very solid mouthguard. After preparing it for moulding, sinking in your teeth in the squishy material immediately results in a sensation of safety and robustness. There is no way this mouthguard will give way or be loose, you can be sure of that. In terms of thickness, this mouthguard is the most massive. This could be experienced as less comfort, since it takes up a lot of space in your mouth, but this depends on personal preference. The Shockdoctor is the highest priced item in our comparison, but you will buy a high-quality mouthguard that lasts long.

Other colour options are green and blue.

Buddha Simple Mouthguard

Price: €6.99

The Buddha “Simple” mouthguard scores best on price/quality ratio. This mouthguard is a basic model with neutral colour. When put in hot water, it is no problem to adjust its shape. Yet, if you have a rather small mouth, this mouthguard might not be the best choice since it’s quite big and the far ends might come up against your gums. If you want to try a less expensive option, this mouthguard might be a good start.

Venum “Challenger” Mouthguard

Price: €19.99

The Venum “Challenger” mouthguard is our personal favourite. With fancy colours and high-quality material, this mouthguard is easily moulded to make a very good fit around your teeth. Even though the mouthguard closes tight, the material is thin – but not too thin! -, allowing you to breathe and speak effortless. When it comes to size, it’s small-sized and light, like SafeJawz, making a perfect fit.

Want different colours? Check out the  black and white version!

Still can’t decide? Check out the video review by Rose on The Gi Experts!



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